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How we Work

We work with our customers from enquiry through to completion, offering a project-led approach which ensures that the best voltage optimisation solution is adopted for a site. All work is carried out at the convenience of the client with minimal disruptions to business operations.

As well as designing, manufacturing and supplying a quality product we are also proud to provide a quality service.

We will be there with you from the initial contact through to post-install support, providing help and assistance whenever required.

The key stages involved in implementing a Powerstar voltage optimisation project are;

Key Stages

  • Sitesurvey

  • Pricing & Funding

  • Guaranteed savings

  • Project Management

  • Installation

  • Savings report

  • After care service


If your business has high electricity consumption levels and are considering voltage optimisation as a solution to reduce consumption, the first stage in the process is an energy evaluation.

During the initial energy evaluation discussion, we will typically look to;

  • Gain a core understanding of the business
  • Discuss requirements and expectations with the client, addressing any questions or concerns
  • Identify specific characteristics of the buildings and establish load demands
  • Request details of current annual electricity costs and Half Hour Data (HHD) to establish maximum consumption for the site

If you have high electricity consumption, submit your details below to arrange a discussion with a local Liberty Saver representative.SITE SURVE

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Market leading expertise

The Liberty Saver team have a wealth of experience in helping companies with high electricity consumption make significant savings without affecting business operations. With an extensive background and proven record of success in a number of public and private sector industries Liberty Saver offers a comprehensive voltage optimisation energy audit, which will enable clients to fully establish the correct solution for their sites.

Voltage optimisation site Survey

Following an energy evaluation, Liberty Saver also offer a voltage optimisation site survey which provides a thorough analysis of a site and looking into installation, voltage profile and eligible load profiles on site. This allows for a full voltage optimisation proposal to be submitted with guaranteed energy savings, and clear returns on investment.

Liberty Saver provide a free of charge energy site survey for clients to determine the most effective method to reduce electricity consumption on their site.

The energy site survey forms an integral part of identifying the correct voltage optimisation system for a site and ensuring the any installation works to reduce electricity consumption to the highest potential level on a site by site basis (not an aggregate over a number of sites)

Request a site survey through the link below to determine how Powerstar can reduce electricity consumption on your site.

energy site survey How we work

Voltage Optimisation Site Survey

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1) Installation evaluation

The installation section of the survey will look at space restrictions and circuit protection. The information from this part of the survey will be assessed to provide the client with a detailed cost for installation and to inform them where the best location is to position the Powerstar voltage optimisation system on site in order to make the best energy savings.

Powerstar have both HV and LV voltage optimisation applications, allowing for voltage optimisation installations to be carried out at either the transformer side, through Powerstar HV MAX or the the load side through either the Powerstar and Powerstar MAX systems.

2) Determine the voltage profile on site

By analysing the on-site voltage profile of a site it enables the correct voltage optimisation system to be specified and the correct optimisation settings to be identified. For example, sites with high levels of fluctuating voltage will reduce electricity consumption further from installation of a Powerstar MAX system.

A minimum of six spot readings are taken on site to determine where the lowest voltage occurs, the voltage drop on the supply and if there are any voltage issues on the supply.

3) Non-eligible load breakdown

The non-eligible load breakdown identifies the loads within a site that will benefit from reduced electricity consumption following installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system and loads within a site that will not benefit from reduced electricity consumption from voltage optimisation.

The non-eligible loads are detailed to the client in the proposal and taken into consideration, along with the voltage optimisation setting, when calculating a kWh energy saving percentage. This percentage is used to calculate the payback period and Return on Investment percentage for the client.

Project Management

Our team of qualified and meticulous engineers have a wealth of experience in implementing voltage optimisation projects effectively and efficiently within clients parameters to ensure that all Powerstar voltage optimisation systems are installed with minimum disruption to business operations.

We strive to provide the correct engineering solution for each of our clients and as part of this approach provide a dedicated voltage optimisation project engineer to each installation who will be the main contact for the client and manage the voltage optimisation implementation process throughout.

Our voltage optinisation installations range from one-off installations to roll-out programmes. We always work closely with the client and installations occur at the convenience of the client wishes.

The general process for ensuring a successful voltage optimisation install is achieved is:

• Order received, checked and acknowledged
• EMSc (UK) Ltd allocate a dedicated voltage optimisation Project Engineer to the project

Project planning

The dedicated Powerstar voltage optimisation project engineer will provide a ‘draft’ project installation plan (PIP) to the client, and work with them to make any changes to the planned implementation of the voltage optimisation system before agreeing responsibilities and timescales.

The Powerstar  voltage optimisation project engineer takes responsibility for all communications between the client and installation team, the project engineer will keep all parties up to date with progress and changes and will also be available to attend the site during the installation and commissioning of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system.

Post Installation the project engineer will liaise with the client to ensure they are happy with the installation and issue necessary documentation (O&M manuals, certificates, fitted drawings etc.)


powerstar maintenance How we work
Liberty Saver arrange for the voltage optimisation installation to take place at a date and time suitable for the clients business to ensure no distributions to business operations wherever possible during the installation.

The voltage optimisation installation will be carried out either by our own installation teams or through approved Powerstar installation contractors -  All subcontractors are NICEIC registered and have undergone a competency verification procedure. A list of the current approved subcontractors is available on request through the contact form and we may use any one of them to install Powerstar on a clients site.


Lift and Position

  • Clear working area
  • Powerstar unit delivery to site
  • Lift equipment into selected area
  • Construct ramp and prepare route
Electrical Prep Work

  • Prepare working area
  • Prepare cable entries on new equipment
  • Install cable containment
  • Install new cable
  • Test new circuit
Shutdown & Changeover (generally 2-4 hours)

  • Isolate and lock existing circuits
  • Connect into distribution board
  • Make final connections
  • Energise circuits
  • Testing and commissioning
powerstar installation How we work


Following an installation of Liberty Saver, a voltage optimisation savings report is provided to the client to evaluate the savings achieved. This report is usually carried out three months after the installation is completed, or at the request of the client.

Savings from Powerstar are 100% guaranteed and the process taken to compile the voltage optimisation savings report and details of the guaranteed energy savings promise are detailed below:

Our voltage optimisation savings reports are completed internally and are based upon IPMVP. The analysis uses Half Hour Data (HHD) to compare kWh data pre and post installation of the Powerstar system and also involves regression analysis taking into account variables such as temperature and holiday periods.

For multiple site installations we are able to produce a site by site analysis show savings on an individual basis over all installations in comparison to an average savings report over the total number of installations.

Powerstar Case Study London City Hall 3 300x163 How we work

Example of savings chart created for the London City Hall voltage optimisation savings report


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