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The Palais Hotel 2xqh3lqsm8wfqbvl2g9fr4 Case Studies
PALAIS HOTEL The Palais is a newly renovated family hotel offering some of the most stylish and modern facilities along the Adelaide coastline. Being in a beachside location, the Palais is a popular spot and has approximately 100 staff and a turnover of $7.5 million.
We are more than happy and pleased we made this investment. We are also glad we are making a contribution in the responsible use of Palais Hotel power.
You can see the Powerstar system is built with long-life materials, so are happy with the quality of the unit.
I have seen enough evidence to know that this is a wise invest- ment that we expect will pay for itself within three years.
Bob Karpluk, General Manager, the Palais Hotel
swirestoragelogo 2xqh3lqsp6fctfqnuncnb4 Case Studies
SWIRE COLD STORAGE Over the last fifty years Swire Cold Storage (SCS) has been involved in every aspect of the Cold Chain. The Victorian facility located in the Laverton industrial district, handles a variety of frozen foods including vegetables and seafood.
Now that the voltage level has been specifically adapted to accommodate the exact needs of the Swire Laverton site, the potential for the electrical equipment to fail has also been drastically reduced, thus reducing maintenance costs on major electrical components.
Sam Czyczelis – General Manager, Engineering Services
aeslogo 2xqh3lqsgduy1402b0z1ts Case Studies
AESSEAL manufactures mechanical seals and support systems at its Rotherham global headquarters. The company is serious about the environment and is a “Climate Change Champion” in the Business in the Community Yorkshire and Humber Environmental Index 2009 benchmarking programme. Following on from an introduction by the Rotherham MP Denis MacShane, Powerstar were invited to demonstrate how their voltage optimisation system could reduce AESSEAL‟s energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
not only were Powerstar local, but they were also the best value for money supplier and their customer service, project management and installation support service were exemplary
Chris Rea, Managing Director, AESSEAL
NHS 2xqh3lqsp6f9hb79820lq8 Case Studies
ASHWORTH HOSPITAL – From half hour data supplied via the site Powerstar engineers were able to gauge that the sites maximum demand was 1234kW.From the supplied information it was determined the sites annual electricity consumption to be 5,799,603kWh. Based on an average of 11.1p/kWh, at a cost calculated at £644,293 per year.
SOLUTION – The installation of three 800kVA Powerstar systems, one 750kVA Powerstar
system and one 500kVA Powerstar system will provide savings between £53,065 and £84,124 (based on 11.1p/kWh) per year.
Additionally, energy consumption savings will be between 458,272kWh and 726,504kWh per annum which represents a saving of between 10-15%. Based on these highlighted savings the payback period for this project for the site will be between 1.9 to 3.1 years
Derby City Council 2xqh3lqsp6f98g6exjbta8 Case Studies
DERBY CITY COUNCIL – Derby City Council is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions by 25% by 2013/14 as part of a ‘Climate Change Strategy’. The Council already recognises the benefits that voltage optimisation will bring them in terms of reducing electricity consumption, lowering overall energy costs and cutting the size of their carbon footprint. Three Council sites were therefore chosen to receive voltage optimisation systems and the Council held a tender process for each site to enable it to select its preferred system/supplier.
THE SOLUTION – Powerstar demonstrated that its qualities as the most efficient voltage optimisation in the UK with an efficiency rating of 99.91%, the fact that it is the only system designed and manufactured in the UK – allowing a flexibility of design to meet the most exacting and unique requirements of each installation location, together with the Real Time Monitoring system made it the ideal solution. Powerstar is set to save the Council in the regional of at least £10k per annum in electricity costs with the system installed at the Eagle Centre market set to cut electricity consumption by 14.6%.
isglogo 2xqh3lqsgduy1402b0z1ts Case Studies
ISG TOTTY CONSTRUCTION – based in Bradford, England – is a heavy user of lighting and Information Technology equipment. The company identified the cost of electricity as a major concern and set out a project scope with Powerstar to find out if voltage optimisation could provide an answer to reducing the amount of energy used, but without compromising output.
The Installation of the Powerstar systems has cut our energy cost by nearly 18%. This is a fundamental step towards our efforts to minimise our Carbon Footprint.
Phil Mason Facilities Manager, ISG Totty
NHS 2xqh3lqsp6f9hb79820lq8 Case Studies
RATHBONE HOSPITAL – SAVINGS CALCULATION METHOLOGY is for the Powerstar installation at Rathbone Hospital. Energy consumption data for the site was provided via the electrical energy provider in the form of 1⁄2 hour consumption spreadsheets. The average consumption data was calculated for each 1⁄2 hour period both pre & post installation this was then summed with the difference in the averages being taken as the savings. View case study for results.
Powerstar voltage optimisation has shown that significant savings can be achieved without compromising the operations of the hospital.
Mark O’Grady, Managing Director, MITIE Engineering (North) Ltd. Facilities Management company for NHS.
SHU Logo 2xqh3lqsiq9xumro084cg0 Case Studies
SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY – has always strive to reduce its impact to the environment through a variety of projects, both in environmental as well as energy efficiency. One of the main areas the University targeted was the Student Union, for the electricity consumption as well as to reduce the high level of failures of the lights tubes. EMSc carried out a full site survey and recommended their unique PowerStar voltage optimisation to help improve their energy efficiency and reduce the life expectancy of the lights.
The PowerStar system has saved 16% of the total electricity consumption at the Student Union Building and has reduce the failure of the lights by an amazing 75%. I have no hesitation recommending PowerStar
Stephen Ward, Senior Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, Sheffield Hallam University
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